Rules & Terms

General information

Films with a length of up to 30 minutes can be submitted. The Niederrhein Filmfestival reserves the right to show films longer than 30 minutes. 

  1. The submission period is from 22 October to 31 December 2019.  

  2. The assignment to a competition category and festival section is determined by the production location/country or content.


Festival Sections

The program of the Niederrhein Filmfestival consists of: 

  • Three competitions 

  • special programs

  • supporting programs

The organisers reserve the right to move individual films to other categories. A decision may also be taken to allow films of excessive length. All submissions will be reviewed by at least two independent persons. The juries are present during the festival and view with the audience. There may be exceptions to this rule.

1. Competition

The Lower Rhine film festival has the following competition sections:

  • Competition Lower Rhine 

  • Competition Netherlands

  • Competition Germany

The 2019 competitions will be included:

  • Productions from Germany and the Netherlands

  • short fiction films, animated films, experimental films, documentaries and children's films

  • with a maximum film length of 30 minutes


The competition Lower Rhine is open for:

  • Production from Germany  

  • Special attention is paid to productions from the Lower Rhine region, as well as supra-regional productions whose content refers to the Lower Rhine region (e.g. dialect, tradition, culinary, architecture, music, culture, atmosphere, personalities etc.).

Productions from the Netherlands:

  • Productions from the Netherlands

The competition Germany is open for:

  • Productions from Germany


2. special programs

Film submissions can be made both in the special program and in the competition. The special programs are curated programs from submissions and/or archive films. The special programs include, for example, school events, country focus programs, children's and youth programs. The selection is the responsibility of the respective curators. A brief description of the program is enclosed with the request for a special program.

Juries and prizes

The juries will award the following prizes (as of October 2019):

  • Lower Rhine Film Prize (EUR 500)

  • Netherlands Film Award (EUR 500)

  • Wesel Donkey (Germany) (EUR 500)

  • Price of the audience


The Lower Rhine film festival would like to express its thanks to the award donors.



Films are to be submitted digitally via FilmFreeway. Preview DVDs will not be returned. Therefore, please do not send a DVD of the festival! 
The submission requires the unrestricted acceptance of the regulations. By submitting your film, you agree to the selection of your film for one of the competitions or for another program section.

Materials and Pictures

1-2 film stills (JPEG or TIFF, min. 300dpi) as well as 1 photo and short biography (max. 160 characters) of the director must be attached to the submission. Obligatory is also a contact e-mail address for notification of submission status and publication in print and online festival materials. The details of the selected films for the catalogue and the website, in particular contact, film metadata and synopsis, will be taken over as specified in the submission.



Movie files and all required data must be uploaded by December 31, 2019.


Please note the following: 

  • Trailers will not be accepted. 

  • Submissions that require registration for download or viewing will be ignored. 

  • Submissions that are moved / deleted during the viewing phase will be ignored. 

  • Password-protected submissions for which there is no or a wrong password will be ignored. 

  • The unsolicited sending of additional information material (dialogue list, trailer, press material, etc.) is not permitted.


The selection jury will make its decision by the end of February 2019. Filmmakers whose works will be included in the festival program will automatically be informed by e-mail. Rejections will not be sent. The selection committee decides on the program, an independent jury or the audience decides on the awarding of prizes for individual entries. Only selected films may take part in the competition. The selection results will be communicated online. The decisions of the jury cannot be appealed. 
In the case of submissions via an Internet platform, the status and receipt of news of the submission must be checked.


Demonstration copy

A screening copy will be requested separately by the festival management. This copy must be available in digital form by 15 March 2019. All selected films will be announced by the Niederrhein Filmfestival with film stills and trailers.

The festival screening copies for the festival should be uploaded or better sent as mp4 files to the festival digitally. MP4, HD, 25 or 24 fps, codec H264 - 10 Mbs - 1920 x 1080. 

If the original version is in a language other than German, the film must be subtitled. In case of loss or deterioration of a hard disk during the festival, the festival is only obliged to replace a hard disk with a lower value or equivalent to 50 €. Thank you for not sending us the master of the film.


Rights of use

The films selected for the official festival program will be shown in public during the festival. This includes making them available for school screenings, exploiting them within the framework of pre- and post-programs (such as audience favorites, prizewinners) as well as promoting the festival (excerpts for trailers).


The festival is granted the right to use and reproduce set photos for the purposes of festival and competition promotion - also in print, television and Internet media - free of charge. The festival is granted the right to use extracts from the film free of charge in the context of reporting and promotion of the festival, to pass them on to reporting media (television, radio, Internet) for non-commercial use and to place them online on its website. Fifteen percent (2 minutes) of the total running time of the film may not be exceeded.

Once the submission form has been sent, the film can no longer be withdrawn. By submitting the submission form, submitters also confirm that they have assured third parties involved in the production that they agree to participate in the festival. The Lower Rhine fIlm festival archives, unless expressly prohibited, a copy of the preview file of the films shown in the festival archive for internal and non-commercial purposes. Any commercial use of the archived films by the festival is excluded. The Niederrhein Kurzfilmfestival and the Verein Filmkultur am Niederrhein e.V. accept no liability. Any claims by third parties will be forwarded to the submitter. 

By submitting a film to the Niederrhein Film Festival, the broadcaster agrees to the film shown at the festival. By submitting your film or video, you guarantee that you have all relevant permits, licenses and approvals for your film or video that will be shown in a public exhibition.


Copy Transport

The transport costs for the screening copies to the festival in Wesel will be borne by the sender. A pro-forma invoice must be enclosed with the foreign broadcasts. Since this is not a value of goods in the actual sense (the goods are not sold, no profit is made), the lowest possible amount should be used as the value of the goods in order to keep any customs duties as low as possible. The items with the demonstration copies must be marked "NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL/ FESTIVAL PURPOSES ONLY".


The sender bears the costs and risks of sending the viewing material and the screening copies to the festival. This also applies if the copies are sent from other festivals. The sender must coordinate the dispatch of copies. The film copies are insured with their copy value during the events.


A screening fee (film rental) is not paid and a submission fee is not charged. However, there may be a small amount of expenses for the service of the submission platform. The Lower Rhine fIlm festival has no influence on this.


Selected film directors receive an accreditation for the festival. This accreditation may not be used by third parties. Filmmakers whose productions are included in the program are expected to be present for the presentation and discussion of their films and for the award ceremony.


Contact and postal address


Postal address:

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